• Linea Ampolle
  • Linea Puriactis

In Greek mythology, Acantha was the name of a nymph that made Apollo fall in love: she refused him and he transformed her into Acanthus flower


effective treatments and serums

The phytoceutical products of Acantha are inspired by the study of the properties of botanical extracts from different parts of the world, known and used since ancient times, with isolated molecules of natural origin on which clinical and in vitro tests have been conducted, in order to scientifically demonstrate the efficacy...

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Epyugenis complex

protection from the inside and the outside

The Epigenys Complex, featured in the Acantha products, works with the genetic expression of your skin, reawakening its natural beauty, influenced by age or damaged by environmental conditions...

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All the Acantha products are formulated and developed in Italy by:
RAYS SPA / Via Francesco Crispi 26 - 60027 Osimo (AN) - Italy