New scientific frontiers at the service of dermocosmetics

Long-term scientific DNA research has shown that chemical and environmental factors influence gene expression mechanisms, acting as switches that allow cells with the same genetic makeup to express some genes while letting others remain “dormant”.

Epigenetics precisely studies this expression mechanism, *not to affect the DNA sequence, but rather the way external or internal conditions (such as aging) interfere with the expression of your genes.

The application of this science to dermocosmetics allows you to “reawaken” the beauty of your skin from within, by blocking the negative interference of factors such as age or pollution.

The Epygenis Complex featured throughout this line protects the skin from internal changes and external attacks.


Renewal from the inside

The Epygenis Complex acts on epigenetic modifications that lead to reduced metabolic activity in fibroblasts, connective tissue cells that produce collagen and elastin, protein substances that are needed to keep the skin elastic and compact. By blocking or limiting this deterioration, the skin returns to being naturally toned, acquiring a visibly more vital and redensified look.

Protection from the outside

The mix of active ingredients contained in the Epigenys Complex has protective properties for the skin; a peptide complex obtained from Moringa seeds cleanses the skin from microparticles and protects it from the damage of pollutants, a natural cosmetic barrier against harsh environmental conditions for your skin and health.

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