Highly effective concentrated serums for specific needs

For all skins

The “Ampolle” line consists of sera formulated to meet specific dermocosmetic needs by selecting high-efficiency natural molecules.

The Ampolle are modern “beauty elixirs”, with active ingredients guaranteeing proven efficacy and 99% all-natural ingredients.


In Greek mythology, Acantha was the name of a nymph that made Apollo fall in love: she refused him and he transformed her into Acanthus flower

Matki Seeds

The seed of youth

Our formulations use the most precious molecules extracted from the Matki (Vigna Aconitifolia) seeds because we search for completely natural ingredients that can boast specific efficacy demonstrated by clinical and laboratory tests. The Matki seed extract is rich in dermatological properties; thanks to its very high concentration of phenols and flavonoids (caffeic acid, ferulic acid, cinnamic acid, kaempferol), it can stimulate the synthesis of collagen, thus providing an anti-aging effect and protecting the most sensitive, delicate and allergy-prone skin types.
In vitro and clinical tests on Matki seed extract demonstrate its ability to visibly improve skin structure, giving it a younger appearance thanks to its proven anti-aging activity. These tests show an ability to stimulate epidermal cell renewal and collagen synthesis, with a regenerating effect on complexion. *The molecules of this extract have their maximum effect in Ampolla Regenia, where they act by smoothing and reducing the contour wrinkles of eyes and lips, and in Ampolla Luce, where they illuminate and revitalise mature skin, in combination with the specific anti-spot active ingredients contained in the serum.

Acacia of Constantinople

An ancient tree against the signs of modern stress

The bark of this tree with ancient charm, also known as “Persian silk tree”, contains an extract carefully studied by cosmetic research. Laboratory tests have shown that the active ingredients of this extract have skin detox properties that can even repair the damage caused by stress or the environment and protect cells from processes that “denature” collagen and make your skin dull and marked by tiredness or age.
An extract that protects, repairs and revitalises, effective on eye bags and dark circles as demonstrated by clinical tests on the active ingredient. Constant application of the Acacia of Constantinople extract demonstrates visible improvement in reducing fluids that accumulate underthe eyes, forming unattractive “bags”, and in decreasing the presence and visibility of dark circles. Clinical studies agree not only in assessing the actual reduction of bags and dark circles but also and above all in affirming general improvement in the overall facial appearance, with visibly reduced signs of stress and fatigue and a general aesthetic rejuvenation.

Natural peptides rich in Arginine and Lysine

For luminous and spotless skin

Skin spots are a phenomenon due mainly to hyperpigmentation, a skin imperfection that occurs very frequently in women, especially with age. There are several causes for hyperpigmentation, mainly due to hormonal phenomena, aging or prolonged exposure to the sun. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that even chemical pollution increases the likelihood of developing skin spots, thereby showing the extreme complexity of hyperpigmentation. Nature offers natural peptides rich in amino acids, arginine and lysine in particular which, by binding to specific receptors, block the activation of processes that stimulate skin spots.
A rich formulation of these natural peptides visibly reduces the phenomenon of dark spots, both from the inside, by limiting the hyperpigmentation process, and from the outside, by making your complexion more uniform and luminous.* The in vivo tests on the active ingredient also prove a visible reduction of skin spots together with a reduction of the aesthetic damages caused by the sun (photo-damage), providing a complete and visible result.

Ampolle line

Ampolla Regenia
15 ml - 0,5 Fl. OZ.
Ampolla Optica
15 ml - 0,5 Fl. OZ.
Ampolla Luce
30 ml - 1,01 Fl. OZ.

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All the Acantha products are formulated and developed in Italy by:
RAYS SPA / Via Francesco Crispi 26 - 60027 Osimo (AN) - Italy