Restructuring and dermoprotective line

For dry, sensitive or mature skin

Epysens line is specifically formulated for skin that is dry or may have sensitivity problems or is marked by age or environmental conditions. Skin types that need to be nourished and hydrated in depth, with treatments that respect their sensitivity, protect them from external attacks and counteract signs of aging with anti-aging and lifting properties.

Designed for the most delicate and demanding skin types, this line consists of:

_Nourishing Cleansing Milk
To clean impurities and makeup

_Dermoprotective Soothing Cream
To moisturize and protect your skin

_Lifting Restructuring Cream
To treat more mature skin, marked by age

EPYSENS Crema Lenitiva

In Greek mythology, Acantha was the name of a nymph that made Apollo fall in love: she refused him and he transformed her into Acanthus flower

EPYSENS Latte Detergente
EPYSENS Sacha Inchi

Active Ingredients

The inspiration for this line’s formulation comes from the study of South American fruits used as natural skin care remedies since ancient times. Ancient knowledge at the service of modern dermocosmetics, which today studies with special attention the properties of these superfoods, precious foods for your skin.

Sacha inchi

Peptides, elixir of youth

Native of the Peruvian Amazonian forest, the Sacha Inchi is a plant with many properties, discovered and appreciated by the ancient Inca. Modern cosmetic technology has allowed us to isolate the most portentous molecules of its extracts and study their efficacy, making use of their dermatological functions.
Skin elasticity and compactness derive mainly from two structural proteins: collagen and elastin. As age advances, their synthesis decreases, degradation accelerates and their structure becomes more fragile and less compact.
In vitro tests have shown that Sacha Inchi peptides influence the expression of the CTGF gene, which regulates the growth of connective skin tissue, like collagen and elastin, and of the FOV03 gene, which is called the “Human Longevity Master Switch Gene” for its ability to protect cells from aging.* Clinical tests on the active ingredient also show the ability to redefine the facial contour and decrease wrinkle depth, for a lifting effect, smoother skin and a younger look.


Antioxidant Superfood

Appreciated for centuries by indigenous South American peoples, Açaí berries have many beneficial properties that are currently the object of scientific research.
Açaí has an extraordinary concentration of natural antioxidants that protect your skin and help it prevent and combat aging increased by external phenomena, such as photoaging. The antioxidants, anti-anthocyanins and essential vitamins A, C, E found in this superfood provide real nourishment to your skin, however dry, dehydrated or dull it may be, bringing back its softness, firmness and vitality.

Superfood: a new trend

Superfoods are foods that have a content of nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or enzymes) higher than the average of common foods, a real concentrate of well-being and health. In recent years, superfoods have been the protagonists of numerous cosmetic research, with the aim of exploiting these "energy bombs" for the treatment of the skin, to revitalize skin and encouraging the regeneration of the aged cells. Sacha Inchi and Açaì certainly represent two superfoods of high interest, from the nutritional and dermatological point of view, whit multiple properties that we “exploit” in Epysens line, dedicated to the most dehydrated and "emptied" skin.

Epysens line

Restorative Lifting Cream
50 ml - 1,69 Fl. OZ.
Nourishing Cleansing Milk
200 ml - 6,76 Fl. OZ.

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All the Acantha products are formulated and developed in Italy by:
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