Rebalancing line

The Hydravis line is inspired by the millennial culture of the Mediterranean area, in particular the wealth of fruits and aromas of the land of Sicily, creating formulations with a purifying, rebalancing and deeply moisturizing effect to meet the needs of mixed skin.

A complete line for your beauty routine

_Dermoprotective Moisturizing Tonic Milk
To cleanse impurities and makeup

_Revitalizing Enzymatic Peeling
For exfoliation

_Rebalancing Moisturizing Cream
For hydration and treatment


In Greek mythology, Acantha was the name of a nymph that made Apollo fall in love: she refused him and he transformed her into Acanthus flower

HYDRAVIS Latte Tonico

Active Ingredients

The formulations of this line are rich in polysaccharides extracted from Prickly Pears, processed by means of dermocosmetic technology to improve skin penetration and bioavailability.
They are also rich in antioxidant polyphenols from red grapes, alpha hydroxy acids derived from grapefruit, lemon and apple and the Epygenis complex, which completes the formulation with its protective efficacy.

Prickly Pear polysaccharides

From Sicily, the molecule that hydrates and protects

The cladodes, or rather the “blades” of the Prickly Pear plant, are rich in precious polysaccharides with moisturizing and protective properties. However, it is not enough to extract them; it is also necessary to make them bioavailable to your skin. This is why Acantha uses dermocosmetic technology to reduce their molecular size thanks to an advanced enzymatic treatment which makes its functionality “concrete” and demonstrable.
Our laboratory tests confirm the antioxidant properties of the active ingredients, showing a 180% increase in the cellular capacity to defend against free radicals and thus reduce the factors that lead to skin aging.
In vivo clinical tests on the active ingredient also demonstrate the extraordinary moisturizing properties of these natural molecules, with a 35% increase in cutaneous hydration after only 14 days of application. These active ingredients, extracted from Sicilian prickly pears and laboratory improved, deeply hydrate your skin and improve its protective defenses from inflammaging and attacks by free radicals.

Fruits Alphahydroxyacids

Revitalizing exfoliation

To keep your skin healthy, young and vital, you need to give due importance to the phase of exfoliation, which facilitates the natural elimination of dead cells by accelerating cell renewal and promoting the assimilation of functional active ingredients.
The Hydravis Revitalizing Enzymatic Peeling contains a mix of natural active ingredients derived from grapefruit, lemon, apple and red grapes that gently exfoliate the skin and at the same time stimulate the fibroblasts by activating new cell renewal processes.
The tests performed on the active ingredient prove the high tolerability of selected AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which, unlike other exfoliating acids, are more delicate and do not cause photo-irritation, while maintaining the same effectiveness.
The richness of the active ingredients obtained from fruit allows for a complete treatment composed not only of alpha hydroxy acids but also of oligo-polysaccharides and natural phenols; this allows to obtain a complex of active ingredients that stimulate cell renewal, with moisturizing, protective and antioxidant properties.

Hydravis line

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All the Acantha products are formulated and developed in Italy by:
RAYS SPA / Via Francesco Crispi 26 - 60027 Osimo (AN) - Italy