Rigorous quality

Acantha is a dermocosmetic line that stands out for its great innovation and effectiveness, while also guaranteeing safety and naturalness.
Strict procedural guidelines have been defined for Acantha from formulation to production, with the purpose of meeting the needs of an informed and demanding public, which evaluates not only the functional effectiveness of a cosmetic product but also the safety of its ingredients.


Acantha is a phytoceutical line because it uses plant origin molecules and complexes whose effectiveness has been proven by scientific tests. The percentage of natural origin ingredients is indicated clearly and transparently on each package and is currently always higher than 98%.


Acantha formulations are free of parabens, PEGS, silicones, petrolatums, dyes and ethoxylates and are fully approved by the “Vegan ok” certification. Each production batch is Nickel tested in order to reduce the risk of allergies as much as possible, even for the most delicate users.


It is good to keep in mind that many fragrances found in common cosmetics contain molecules that are defined as “toxic”; however, they do not have to be mentioned in the finished product due to their low concentration, thus putting unknowing consumers’ health at risk.

Acantha enforces a strict selection of fragrances that deductively excludes all fragrances that cannot guarantee the total non-toxicity of each of their components.


All Acantha products have been conceived and created exclusively in Italy in the company laboratories of Osimo, located in the province of Ancona.

Qualità rigorosa
Qualità rigorosa

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All the Acantha products are formulated and developed in Italy by:
RAYS SPA / Via Francesco Crispi 26 - 60027 Osimo (AN) - Italy